Dolphin VIEW

Qora Mouth is situated between Mazeppa Bay and Shixini. It is well known for kob.  

'Salt Rock' is situated on the other side of the Qora River towards Mazeppa Bay, then there is the Oyster Bed, Matthew's Rock, the flat rocks in front of the cottage, Thompson's Rock, Lucky Dip, Dold's Hole, Jujura, Shixini and Beachamwoods that all produce an amazing array of fish. 

The fish to be caught from the shore are mainly : Kob (Kabeljou), Steenbras: Silver and Black (Musselcrackers), Bronze Bream (Blue Fish), Rock-cod, Damba (Galjoen), Silvies, Blacktail, Shad (Elf), Garrick (Leervis), Pignose Grunter (White Steenbras) and non-eds include Hammerhead Sharks, Spotted Gully Shark, Ragged Tooth Shark, Grey Sharks, Blue Rays, Diamond Rays and Lesser Sand-Sharks. 

If you're not accustomed to rock angling we recommend that you bring plenty of sinkers and other spare tackle.

Estuary and River Fishing is plentiful with the Qora, Jujura and Shixini Rivers within reach, which are teeming with mullet, kob,  spotted grunter, leervis and many other varieties.

Deep Sea Angling is also done from Kob Inn, however it is strongly recommended that you know this stretch of coast and it's moods, definitely not for the inexperienced.  Copper Steenbras, Geelbek, Soldiers, Red Romans, Stumpnose and Rock-cod are among the catch.

Please ensure that your recreational and fishing permits are valid and are kept with you otherwise you are liable for a fine! These are available from any South African Post Office with any form of positive ID (Passport, ID Book).